31 Days Notice


**IMPORTANT! YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMATION EMAIL AFTER THE PROCESS IS COMPLETE. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL, YOU DID NOT SUBMIT THE FORM CORRECTLY.** You need to submit a 31 day notice form for every member in a family if you have multiple members of your family training at CPAMMA.

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1. This constitutes as my 31 days written notice and my payments will stop (if submitting final 31 days notice) / change (if removing an add-on program) AFTER the next billing cycle per the agreement I signed. I understand and agree that the account above will be charged for the next month as my last per the signed agreement of 31 days written notice. However, if I have not paid for the two full paying months I have agreed to pay for, I understand I will be charged for both months before my payments stop. If at any time I choose to reverse this 31 days notice I may do so within the same month with no penalty via a reinstatement request. Any time after the last day of this month, there will be a $75 reinstatement fee attached to all reinstatement requests.

2. I need to keep a copy of the confirmation email sent after I submit this form. If I don't receive a confirmation email I will resubmit this form until I have received the confirmation. However, if I am still having trouble I will need to email info@payment-company.com to notify The Payment Company to receive additional instructions on submitting the online form. The confirmation email is my proof of 31 days notice and I understand that until I have submitted it successfully, I have not submitted my 31 days notice. 31 days notice is not completed until the STUDENT has a copy of the 31 days notice. Secure copies are kept on the server and time/date stamped.

3. I understand that even if I did not use my membership that I am not eligible for any type of refund, per the agreement I signed.

4. By checking the following box I understand and agree to the Membership Policies and have read the FAQ regarding our rules, payments, cancellations, holds, etc.

5. I agree and confirm that I am 18 years or older and if I am not the student who this notice is concerning, I confirm that I am the parent or legal guardian of the above student.


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