Membership Policies


Membership Pricing, Cancellations, Holds & Reinstatement:



All members are required to practice proper hygiene.  This includes but is not limited to:

– washing all clothing and equipment to be used before each workout

– wearing deodorant

– cleaning up after yourselves; trash, tape, bottles, blood, etc.

– keep finger nails and toe nails trimmed.

– cover up ALL sores and scabs.

– absolutely no training if you have staph or any mat related viruses or diseases.

Respect & Discipline:

Central PA Mixed Martial Arts is a family facility and as such, does not tolerate profanity, crudeness, sexual or physical abuse, etc.  Members who disrespect the facility will be kindly asked to leave.

Video Taping & Pictures:

Video taping and taking pictures inside the facility is prohibited unless expressed consent is given by Head Instructor.

Members understand that Central PA Mixed Martial Arts holds the right to video tape and take pictures for promotional purposes at any time and that all participants of Martial Arts programs express consent for video or pictures of them to be used. If a member has reservations about their picture being used they will notify Central PA Mixed Martial Arts before they sign up.

(Central PA Mixed Martial Arts LLC reserves the right to modify the Membership Policies at any time.)