Open Ended Payment Plans:

$150 $75 per month for the first program.
$75 $50 additional per month for every program after the first.
$75 $50 for 2nd additional family member per program.
$75 $25 for 3rd-5th additional family member per program.
$75 reinstatement fee if you cancel and then come back.
$25 class change fee for Youth Martial Arts.

**LIMITED TIME SPECIAL!: No start up fees, no cancellation fees, minimum of 2 months**
$75 Initiation Fee
$75 Cancellation Fee

(Please read our FAQ for terms)

(Our standard rate is $150 however, we cut the price in half *$75* because we recognize you won’t be able to come to all the classes due to exams, school breaks, vacations, etc.)

Single Month Payments:

$150 for 1 Single Month per program.

Individual Class Payments:

$25  per class, minimum of three classes per month, paid up front.

Visitor Payments:

$25.00 – unlimited day pass (Take all the classes.)

Private Lessons:

1 Person – $50 (Level II & III Instructors), $150 (Ryan Gruhn)

2 People – $50 (Level II & III Instructors), $150 (Ryan Gruhn)

3 People+ – $20 per person (Level II & III Instructors), $75 per person (Ryan Gruhn)

Month to Month plans – No contracts, no start up fees, no cancellation fees, no hassle. Simply give The Payment Company 31 days written notice to cancel your membership.  Payments will stop after the next billing cycleMinimum of two full paying months for all memberships.

Other Fees:

Youth Martial Arts Quarterly Testing – $35
Mighty Mites Quarterly Belt Promotion – $10
Youth Martial Arts Uniform Cost – $50+tax